"Have gems will Travel" Bringing a little part of the mountains home to you.

*Attention:  "The Gem Cutter" will be available every second saturady of the month from to 1pm to 5pm

CAll "The Gem Cutter" to have your gems looked at to see if they are workable to have cut and polished. Please call Brett between the hours of 3pm & 6pm monday to friday, between 1pm & 5pm on saturday sunday to set up an appointment. (910-219-1881)

Family, School/Birthday Bags Available For Pick up.

Family Bags (40 to 60 GEMS) $25

School/Birthday Bags (8 to 14 GEMS) $6

Gem Panning Birthday Party Brought to YOU! (up to 16 birthday bags) $250
within 20 miles, Further Distance call

20 Piece Gem Display Cases  $25

-Each classroom that books our "On Campus" field 
trip will receive a display case valued at $25.00 for FREE!  This will 
be kept in classroom to help students identify the gems that they find. 
Teachers also will receive a free bucket to "pan" along with their students!

We will still sell buckets for pickup, just call 910-324-4499 to give notice.


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